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I dream of Vodka...

I dream of Vodka. I love Vodka. Hell I love Vodka so much that I decided to start a brand that I could call my own. So where did my dream start?

A few years ago as I sat across the table from some very successful people having some drinks I looked at my glass and realized that although I was succesful at the commercial real estate market I wasn't totally fulfilled by what I was doing. I had always loved Vodkas and had switched brands constantly to find the perfect one. I thought what better way to fulfill my life than something that is both an art and a science, something that people have tried for generations to perfect, but never reached perfection... I was going to make an extraordinary Vodka.

I looked over at those succesful people sitting across from me and told them my idea to start my own vodka. Well to my suprise, the eyes at the table lit up and everyone started talking about how great it would be to have a whisky or vodka or tequila which they could call their own. I could tell that this was a dream of so many and although they were successful it would take more than a want but also a will to actually go through with it. So my dream grew and along with it my knowledge and love of Vodka. Unfortunately I still wasn't financially ready to make the leap.

Fast forward a few years and I met my business partner. We were fast friends when we met and unbeknown to me he had prior plans to open a small vineyard. Well lucky for both of us that we started drinking some Vodka and as usual when drinking Vodka all our business plans started making their way out in the conversation. Before we finished the bottle we agreed to bottle and create what is now SIN Vodka. A few months later we had our Logo, our company, our bottles, and our formula.

I knew it was going to be tough. Like all things great there is a mountain of hard work in front of you which you have to climb to get to the top and I know we are barely starting our ascent. But from a small dream a few years ago, to a big dream which we are now living, there is a lot to be thankful for. So when you're drinking your first sip of SIN Vodka I hope it gives you all a little inspiration to dream and to do what makes you happy.

Best of all, I love Vodka more than ever.

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